WBCC Bulletin Board is for YOU in my Parish :)

A Message from your Faith Community Nurse:

There is a bulletin board opposite Rev Jan’s office with lots of Health information I gather for you all. Please note anything having multiples or in plastic pockets is there for you to take home and read or keep. Currently the article of focus is on knee replacement surgery. I have often been approached  with questions about this surgery. This article answers many pre-op and post-op questions about the surgery but in particular what equipment you will need, how to obtain it at nominal or no cost, when to obtain it etc. Please check the bulletin board at least monthly or more often. I change it every month and add new topics, new handouts, new informative pamphlets, coupons for over the counter medications, and more. Some things are permanently there as they are needed at any time for any person – but there are always new additions so check it out often and help yourself.  

Lyn Posner, RN,  Your Faith Community Nurse.