48 Ways Being a Vegetarian Has Made My Life Better!

48 Ways Going Vegetarian Has Made My Life Better*****

By Nurse Lyn 🙂

I’ve been trying to be a vegetarian  off and on, and in greater and mostly lesser degrees for about 45 years. But for just about a year now (the actual date is fuzzy, since I phased out veal 45 years ago, then lamb, then pork except bacon and ham, then beef except hamburger, and finally about 16 months ago stopped it all including most fish.) I still eat clams and shrimp occasionally and tuna…. But, I am also now off all dairy except cheddar or asiago cheese and eggs twice a week or so and very very occasionally cheese pizza.  All the rest of dairy is gone from my foods now. Hence, I don’t eat chocolate, cakes with buttercream frosting, cookies, candy or ice cream – all made with milk. And lots of other foods. Once I started seeing the clips of animal factory farming, slaughter, treatment of animals in general – I just could not eat it anymore. Dairy cows are treated horrifically.

And that is why I am working my way off of milk products too. This is a process – not and



overnight decision for some of us – but let me tell you some of the benefits that I have seen.

*****Let me also caution you – talk to your physician before making any radical permanent changes in your diet. Do your research. Read up on this. Make an informed decision WITH your physician – especially if you suffer from chronic disease of any kind.

Ways Going Vegetarian Has Made My Life Better

  1. I took 10 minutes off my swim time doing laps and go nearly twice as far.
  2. I can walk a mile or two now anytime I want to because my inflammation is gone from eating no meat or junk food that contains animal products.  
  3. I am not vegan but the only milk products I eat now are butter and hard cheese and mostly only when I am in restaurants. I have not gone vegan in my clothing either but hope to. 
  4. I have more grocery money to spend on specialty foods.                                                   (Meat is very pricey if you haven’t noticed!!)
  5. There’s no reason for me to even think of stopping at McDonald’s.
  6. There’s a lot more room in the freezer.
  7. I’m helping the environment without trying.
  8. i spend less on vitamins and supplements because I am eating them in my meals more now.
  9. Random moles and bumps on my body have disappeared.
  10. It gave me a reason to start a new page in my website.
  11. When I wake up in the morning I am not logy – but full of energy – and I awaken earlier! Most mornings I am up before the sun or at least with it – and loving it. 
  12. I don’t even have to think about adding vegetables to my meals. They ARE my meals!
  13. I’ve discovered my local health food store is The Big Y – whodduh thunk?
  14. I spend 70% of my grocery shopping time and money in the produce section.
  15. I’ve learned to appreciate all of nature a lot more than I used to. 
  16. I love my kitty more than ever – he is more special to me – although he can’t be vegetarian 🙁  But knowing for sure how sentient he is makes him all the more lovable.
  17. I discovered almond milk, cashew milk, rice milk, coconut milk, and so many foods that are so much more healthy than the food I was eating before.
  18. I discovered a few of my friends have wonderful vegetarian recipes – I realized vegetarians can eat almost everything else you eat at the table and just forget the meat too – if they want!!
  19. I am closer to my daughter who did it first, and went fully vegan as well – and lost about 30 pounds without even trying! 
  20. My boyfriend started eating healthier because we eat together twice  a week and I set a good example for him.- He has lost 40 lbs  – far from vegetarian but seeing the benefits!
  21. Saturday mornings at the farmers market  are the best.
  22. I eat 10 times the variety of foods I used to.
  23. I’ve never tried so many different smoothies.
  24. I’ve started sprouting and my favorite is pea sprouts! 
  25. I think way more about the other stuff in food besides protein, carbs, and fat.
  26. I discovered nutritional yeast – great flavors in herbs I had not used before.
  27. I discovered vegetable proteins come in many different forms and textures and make wonderful adjuncts to my vegetables –  desserts and even breakfast.
  28. I learned that I like kale, collards, stir fried bok choy quinoa, bulgur, and brown rice.
  29. I tried more new recipes this year than I ever have before.
  30. I became aware of the Amazon  Rain Forest Destruction which is a result of raising cattle and the food to feed them.
  31. I learned the World Wide Web is chuck full of information and support on how to become and be a vegetarian.
  32. It is also full of video clips on why factory farming animals and fish is disgusting and wrong and why I no longer desire it.
  33. I learned that eventually I wanna give up  even the little bit of tuna I ocassionally eat  because there is great cruelty in the way fisherman are catching wild fish as well as in farming them.
  34. I learned that it’s not only about animals and fish – it’s about what factory farming billions of cows and the food to feed them has done to our ecosystem, environment, atmosphere and rain forest (again yes!)
  35. I’ve learned there’s even more than that – it’s about stopping diseases like diabetes and drug resistance to bacteria; because of the way animals are factory farmed.
  36. I started using my food processor and my grinder and my apple peeler gizmo and bought a new peeler that shreds carrots and beets and other vegetables into strings, making for really appetizing salads. 
  37. I’ve learned the importance of supporting small local farms.
  38. I lost a lot of body fat and fluid.
  39. Almost none of my food comes in packages.
  40. I discovered Ezekiel sprouted-grain breads.
  41. I eat more nuts and beans than ever before and I am more full on less food.
  42. The beans don’t give me flatus now. LOL.
  43. I discovered ginger tea and was motivated to cut caffeine from my diet – healthier.
  44. I fall asleep so much easier now and sleep deeper too without caffeine or animal products.
  45. I have a voice here to share what I’m doing with lots of other motivated people.
  46. When I hear about horrors of factory farms, I feel angrier, but less guilty.
  47. I have no desire to eat junk food because most of it contains animal products.
  48. I  have lessened my desire for sweets to almost zero without even trying.
  49. I discovered if I do want sweet – Fruit suffices nicely now and  is vegan!!
  50. I just feel better – emotionally, physically, ethically, mentally, completely!!