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—Charles Kingsley

Living in a retirement community  as I did for 11 years, I became quickly acquainted with the problems patients have in navigating the Health Care System. As a working Registered Nurse, I knew the pitfalls of being in a state where nursing was simultaneously on the cutting edge – while still in the dark ages. It was an amazing realization to live amongst the elderly, and work amongst the dying in Hospice and in AIDS  units, making home visits for friends in need and then doing it for a living – to realize that no one follows through to see what happens to people after their immediate distress call is made.

People say the Health Care System in this country is the worst they have ever seen if they are from Great Britain or Canada where Health Care is “free”  Friends of mine who work in “high places” in medicine and psychiatry in the state of CT tell me that Florida is the Medical Model for the United States. (That is a little scary to me frankly, having done licensed skilled nursing care in both states!).

The “bottom line” is that there are many patients with questions too numerous to count who know they need an advocate – help – to navigate the United States health care system which is becoming more and more complicated in recent years.

I hope to bring you not only information from personal training and experience, but also hope this website can serve as a portal for you to find other resources for the information you need or crave. Hence, there will often be  links I have found useful in doing my research. This link, National Institute of Health is one of my favorite resources. They conduct studies and trials there which are known to be reported accurately and without bias.

Happy surfing: www.nih.com (this is the Home Page from which you may choose to hit the “back” button to return to my site).


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